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    iPhone, Hacked

    By Derek | August 20, 2007

    iPhone In DockNo, it’s not what you think… my iPhone wasn’t hacked into… it was hacked by me!

    When people in the computer industry talk about “hacking” they talk about playing around with stuff, in a non-evil manner. Most media outlets have latched on to the word “hacker” as a bad thing, but we computer geeks know them as “crackers” or just “script-kiddies”.

    Either way, I “hacked” my iPhone, which simply means that I’m doing something with it that Apple and AT&T don’t authorize. It’s nothing bad, I’m not trying to get free cell phone minutes, or nothin’, I just wanted to play around a bit after reading a few articles on the net.

    It’s kinda funny, and I’ll get to that in a minute, but I started out by following this tutorial here:

    iPhoneAtlas 5-Step Hacking Tutorial

    This is the “hard” part, and it ain’t that hard.

    Once I got SSH on the phone, I was able to copy the game “Lights Out” over to it.

    With that done, I decided to “upgrade” my Carrier logo… you know, change the AT&T logo to something more, um, pleasing. Not that I have anything against AT&T, but with all of my old phones, I was able to put some custom text on it, in addition to a background picture. So, I placed the text “FlameSnyper” — that’s my Quake “handle” from back when I used to play Quake2 and Quake3 on a regular basis — and it came out pretty well.

    Here’s a pic:

    iPhone Hacked

    I think it came out pretty well. You’ll need iFuntastic for upgrading graphics and such on the iPhone. It’s pretty easy.
    Too bad I waited a few days to post this… I did all this work Friday, while my friend David was here, hanging out.

    Yesterday, they (iPhone Atlas) announced that once you have it hacked, you can install “installer.app” and then download new apps directly to the phone!!

    Awesome! I’m off to install “installer”. Back in a bit, maybe. 🙂

    P.S. Apple is listing refurb iPhone for $100 off retail… grab one!

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