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    By Derek | July 9, 2008

    I finished upgrading my home network to Gigabit today. I installed the final switch behind my entertainment center (if you can call it that — it’s more of a TV Stand / Audio Rack now).

    I had recently installed a new router in my network to take advantage of the increased speeds coming from my ISP, RoadRunner. They offer 15Mbits down and 2Mbits up in my area, so I needed to finally replace my ancient Linksys WRT54G. The WRT only supports up to 10Mbit on it’s WAN port, although it does support 100Mbit on it’s internal switch. Either way, the wireless stopped working on it months ago, so it needed replaced anyway.

    I had previously installed a little Belkin router as a simple access point in my house, just to have 54g wireless after the WRT’s wireless went out, but my new router supports wireless-N.

    So I have the new router set up for N only, and the old router setup for B/G. Oh, and everything’s running WAP now, too!

    Essentially, my AppleTV now has the wireless-N to itself, as I have no other wireless-N client devices.

    I did have to order an Intel Pro 1000 PCI card for my server… it’s so “old” now that the on-board NIC is only 100Mbit.

    So, I installed the NIC and the switch today, and my transfers from my Mac mini to my server increased dramatically.

    I timed a 4.3GB transfer before and after, here’s how it looks: 8 minutes before, 2:06 after. That’s 2GB per minute, as opposed to only about 600MB per minute before. Woot!

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