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    MUA3, Nostalgia

    By Derek | August 31, 2019

    A good Saturday. (31st)

    Watched a bit of Daredevil season 2. 

    Watched a bunch of The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes with my younger son. It’s not currently available for streaming. We finished season 1 a while back, so we’re watching season 2. 

    My 2nd Pro controller, PowerA Enhanced Wireless Controller came in for my Switch, so I went ahead and bought Marvel’s Ultimate Alliance 3.

    My son and I played that for a couple of hours before bed. It took a few hours to download, while we were watching Avengers. 

    I remember my older son and I played MUA2 a ton on XBox360. So. Much. Fun. 

    Our family friend jumped in for a few minutes, using the dual joy-con adapter, too. I think I need to get another set of Joy-Cons for is to be able to play 4-player. 

    It’s a 4 player local Co-op game, like they used to sell on Xbox and PlayStation, but now for the most part they don’t. “One game+one console=one player” seems to be the rule these days. Not to mention games cost $60 a pop now, and they hold back some stuff… or maybe just release the game early so that they can sell you DLC later. 

    Might be why I’m spending more time with the Switch, these days. Almost every game is multiplayer local, in some form or fashion. 

    Ah, nostalgia. 

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