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    Tired, Groggy, Comfy

    By Derek | September 13, 2019

    Tired Friday (13th)

    Didn’t sleep well last night. I wasn’t in any pain, just couldn’t sleep. I’ve never experienced insomnia before, but I would say this is kind of what it feels like. I think I slept maybe 3 hours. 

    Went to work (WFH) but was having trouble focusing so I called in after a couple of hours and went back to bed. Slept pretty well for about 3 hours, family and house guests did a great job of staying quiet for me. 

    Once I woke up I was still kind of groggy, so I decided to just read a bit and then watch some YouTube videos that I had saved on my Watch Later list. I prefer to save videos that “might” interest me on that list, instead of watching them right away. Sometimes you get sucked in and can watch hours of YT — but I find that if I add these videos to my list, and come back to them, sometimes I don’t really care about them enough to watch them. Here’s one that I did watch, and thought it was pretty great. Even if you’re not an Apple fan, if you’re a fan of adventure you’ll like it: https://youtu.be/5yZuaAQKnkY

    I also read about a new Amazon Prime show that will be debuting today, supposedly it’s filmed in San Antonio.https://reelgood.com/show/undone-2019 The trailer looks pretty interesting to me, I like stories about time travel. 

    This evening I played a couple quick rounds of Apex, and then switched over to Star Citizen. 

    I’m fairly comfortable sitting in my office chair (with a pillow under me), I can play for a few hours at least. I do notice that sitting up straight (as opposed to the recliner that I’ve been in for nearly a month) makes me a bit tired after a while. My next doctor appt with my surgeon isn’t until the 25th, I’m hoping he’ll consider me good for some physical therapy, or at least let me start doing my regular stretches and daily workout again. 

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