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    Work, Dark Legacy, Git Gud

    By Derek | September 27, 2019

    A Good Friday. (27th) 

    Regular workday for me. Worked from home, like I’ve been. Busy day, working mostly on my secondary (documentation) project. 

    Planning to work half-week from The Castle next week, and one of those days I’ll be able to run the t-shirt table for RackerGamers upcoming annual Game Day. This years’ t-shirts should be delivered Monday. 

    Watched a few more episodes of Agents of Shield season 3. 

    Did my regular 30 minutes exercise. It’s nice to be back on it. 

    Played some Gauntlet Dark Legacy on XBox Original with the kids. It’s a bit hardcore for them. Four-player co-op, but if your character falls down, it stays down until the rest of the players, or player in most cases, finishes or fails the level. Which means little people waiting impatiently to play again, so that didn’t last long. Can’t tell a four year old to Git Gud. 😀 

    So we switched to Nine Parchments on the Switch. Again, four-player co-op, but if your character falls down, it can be revived by one of the other characters at any time, and even if all four fall down, the game picks one at random to revive and do “Last Chance” to see if that one player can fight the baddies and revive the other players, thus recovering the level. Of course, if that last chance player falls down, then the game just loads from checkpoint.

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