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    Exercise, Work, Eat, Game

    By Derek | October 14, 2019

    A good Monday. (14th)

    Trying to get my exercise routine back on track in the mornings, so I got up early (for a day off) to ride the bike. 

    Worked for a customer, they had an issue with an old version of Lotus. Turns out, 123r5 is no longer compatible with Windows 7 32-bit, even though it worked a week ago. Probably some new security update fixed something that a 30 year old program needed. Good thing their 123r9 still works, so they have access to their data. Was there for a bit, also got to install a USB3 PCIe card in their PC. That’s pretty neat. 

    Got my new m2 SSD in today, and cloned my older, smaller SATA SSD to it. System’s back up and running, very quickly, same load of Windows. I took the opportunity to migrate some of my Steam Games (and a couple others) to the new, larger SSD. 

    Had dinner with the family at Pei Wei. Every once in a while they do two adult entrees for $10. It’s too good of a deal to pass up.

    Got back to the house and got to play Star Citizen for a while. Got together with a couple of guys from my org to do some hand-held mining, which I hadn’t done before. Took us a bit to get to a cave, but once we did, the mining gameplay is pretty cool. You have to point the mining laser at a rock with an ore vein in it, then heat up the rock using power settings on the tool. Too much heat and the rock will explode. Right amount of heat and the rock just shatters so that you can put the ore pieces in your backpack. 

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