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    Library, PT, Library, Work

    By Derek | October 21, 2019

    A good Monday, but long. (21st)

    Got up early (for a Monday) today, to go drop off stuff at the library, and pick up my on-holds. Well. Got there too early, apparently, on Monday my local library doesn’t open until noon. Wednesday, too. They do stay open late (8pm) on those days, so that’s cool, but I didn’t know. Dropped my media in the book return, so I wouldn’t have to cart it around with me. 

    Drove to physical therapy, hoping they could get me in early, since I was so early. They let me in only ½ hour early. Hard work today, too. 

    Came back from PT, had to swing by the library to pick up my stuff. 

    Got home to take a shower, and then go see a customer out in Seguin. They got one of their employees a new computer, and needed it installed. 

    Took the family out to dinner after work. Went to Fazoli’s. I am glad they came back to San Antonio, after being gone for a while. 

    Got home late, almost 10pm, basically going to get ready for bed at this point. I need to get up tomorrow, and get a haircut before our Tuesday madness starts. 

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