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    Ham, Exercise, Cleaning, Family

    By Derek | November 28, 2019

    A good Thanksgiving Thursday. (28th)

    Woke up semi-early, lots to do.

    First thing, went to pickup the cooked ham from our favorite BBQ place. Should be super yummy! 

    Came home and exercised, then got right to work helping Jill clean out the bedroom that my parents are going to stay in. Spent quite a bit of time on that, vacuumed that room and the hallway.

    Continued working on a customer’s computer from last night, when I started Windows Feature Update 1909, but it didn’t complete overnight using Automatic Updates. So, I downloaded the Windows 10 Update Assistant, and started that, today. 

    Once we were done cleaning, Jill started cooking. She made homemade stuffing, and sweet potatoes. Yum.

    My parents got here around 2pm, and Jill’s step mom showed up just a few minutes after. 

    We popped the ham in the oven once the sides were ready, and I left to pick up our older son to join in the festivities. 

    When all was ready we had our Thanksgiving meal. The food was wonderful, and we also had three pies and the custard/pudding stuff I made last night to choose from for dessert. 

    After dinner, we just hung out and spent some good quality time with our folks. Once it got late enough, I broke out the Warre’s Port, and my dad, my older son, and I all had a glass. I really like the 20 year Tawny Port ( https://www.otimaport.com/wine/otima-20/2 ), although the 10 year is pretty great as well. 

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