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    Work, Kids, Xbox, Friends

    By Derek | December 19, 2019

    A good Thursday. (19th)

    Regular work day for me. Got up a few minutes late and had to “hurry” into work. Working from home today, so it wasn’t really a big deal, though. 

    Kids played Xbox & Switch today, while I worked. We also watched some Looney Tunes, Skyland, and My Favorite Martian. Mostly the kids played Jurassic World: Evolution, on the XBox, and Nine Parchments on the Switch.

    The Jurassic World game is kind of like SimCity, you build a Jurassic Park kind of thing, and then raise dinosaurs, research new genomes, bring in park guests & become profitable.  

    I ran our younger son to martial arts, since Jill was already on another errand. 

    Once work was over, just hung out with family, until bedtime. 

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