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    Office, Leftovers, Picard, Twister

    By Derek | January 8, 2020

    A good Wednesday. (8th)

    Regular work day for me. Up early to exercise, today being Wednesday, it’s my one day a week in the office. 

    Worked on my primary product a bit, mostly catch-up work.

    Jill brought me leftovers from last night’s carne guisada. Still super yummy, and a bit thicker than it was right out of the pot. 

    Chatted with a couple of guys from work that are super excited about the new Picard Star Trek show coming out. I had seen the original teaser trailer for it, but hadn’t got too excited for it. Now, I feel like I might have to watch it sooner rather than later. I still haven’t seen more than about a half season of Star Trek: Discovery

    Got home and finished my work day, I had to work an extra hour to make up some time that I missed on Saturday. 

    Watched Twister and True Romance with Jill before bed. 

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