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    Slept, Instant Pot, Bread Not Bread, Sleep Study

    By Derek | February 23, 2020

    A good Sunday. (23rd) 

    Slept in a bit, still recovering from yesterday. 

    Exercised, still doing that every day. Showered and headed downstairs to eat. Grabbed some cereal and started getting out the ingredients to make the Instant Pot banana bread, started around 1pm. 

    Jill had to help me find all the ingredients, some of them we don’t use often. Between doing some dishes, making space on the counter and gathering the ingredients, we spent over an hour just prepping to make the bread. 

    Got all the ingredients together and got the dough mixed. Put it in the spring form bread pan I bought specifically for this, then put it all in the Instant Pot. 

    Unfortunately, I forgot to cover the bread pan with foil. After 50 minutes under pressure, and at least as long waiting for the natural release, it was still not “bread”. So we covered it, and put it back in the Instant Pot for 15 minutes pressure. After 20 minutes of natural release, it still wasn’t “bread”. We poured it into a Pyrex dish and put it in the oven at 350° for another half hour. 

    We pulled it out, and it still wasn’t bread. At this point, we had “cooked” it for 95 minutes and it had set for nearly as long. It had the consistency of oatmeal. It was already 5:30pm, and since I had a sleep study later tonight we decided to just eat it anyway.

    So we had left over pizza and some yummy banana bread-flavored oatmeal for dessert. 

    Jill’s niece came over to stay overnight with our younger son, she brought her kids, so they all fired up Rock Band on XBox. 

    We left for my sleep study just before 8pm. They had a nice comfy recliner for Jill to stay in. 

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