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    Dr, BBQ, Pokemon, Robotics, Martial Arts, TV

    By Derek | March 10, 2020

    A good Tuesday. (10th)

    Got up and had to get ready for a doctors appointment first thing this morning. It’s a routine follow up on my eyes from last year when my optometrist thought I might have a tear in one of my retinas. The ophthalmologist didn’t see anything to worry about, but wanted to see me back in a year. Drove over there and waited and waited for the doctor. He spent literally two minutes in the exam room, after his assistants checked my vision and everything else. Le sigh. Also, they dilated my eyes, so maybe that’s also why I had to wait so long, and they sent me home with a temporary dark sunglasses thing. Good thing, too. 

    Back home to get ready for lunch. Our standard Tuesday lunch is BBQ, but honestly, as good as the Frito Pie is, I’m a little burned out in it. Last week, I had the BBQ sandwich, and this week, I just had a one meat brisket plate with a side salad. 

    I made level 40 (max level) in Pokemon Go during lunch! Took me nearly two years, but I finally got it! (pic)

    Finally made 40th Level!

    Robotics after lunch, the kids had a play day today, it’s our first meeting after regionals, but the adults discussed strategy for our next few weeks.

    We took our younger son to martial arts, and met our BBQ friend there, to go play some Pokémon. Spent just over an hour playing Pokémon. 

    Picked up our younger son from martial arts, then headed out directly to take our older son to work. 

    Came home and exercised, watched an episode of Marvel’s Runaways

    Left to take our older son home from work, then realized we needed to get to the grocery store for a few things. 

    Time for bed. 

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