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    Health, Library, Appliance, Pokemon, Driving, Sleep

    By Derek | March 15, 2020

    A good Sunday. (15th)

    Got up and exercised first thing. Still doing this every day, just sometimes I forget to mention it. I currently have a streak going since Sept. 30th.

    Jill and our younger son went to make a quick trip to the library, to drop off some items, but of course, they’re closed. I used the after hours slot, there a definitely people working inside, but the doors were closed.

    We went to Conn’s and Lowe’s to check prices on a new washing machine. We ended up buying one at Lowe’s with a 10 year limited warranty for under $600. Also, Lowe’s has free delivery if you buy new hoses ($29) and a $30 haul away fee for the old washer. Conn’s prices were similar, but their delivery fee is $79 if the price of the appliance is over $600 and we don’t think it included haul away.

    We played a bit of Pokémon before I had to go pick up our older son and his wife to take them driving. Mostly they practiced parallel parking, since that’s primarily what they need.

    I had my older son drop himself off at work, and then hurried back to the house so that we could go to my sleep study.

    Jill told me she wouldn’t be able to stay the night, since we hadn’t found someone to keep our younger son.

    So we took two cars, and they both stayed with me until after all the wires were hooked up and it was time to start the study. This study is with a CPAP. Hopefully I’ll sleep well this time.

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