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    Work Schedule, Stay Home, Prepared, Family, Movie

    By Derek | March 23, 2020

    A busy Monday. (23rd)

    Today is my first day at work this week, since I’m working a Mon-Fri schedule temporarily to mirror one of our systems engineers schedules, who’s departing the company. 

    Worked with him, and the other Ops engineer who’s doing training with him this week. 

    We read that Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff ordered Bexar County (which includes San Antonio) to shut down all non-essential businesses and shelter in place by 11:59pm local time Tuesday, tomorrow. 


    So, I read the list, and there are actually very few businesses that aren’t considered “essential” at this time. Churches, bars, restaurant dining rooms, anywhere large gatherings take place. Of course, it also prohibits home gatherings with people outside the household. But you can travel to work if your work is essential, and you can travel to essential businesses to utilize their services. 

    We think we’re fairly well prepared for a few weeks (maybe longer) of stay at home, but we’re still trying to help our local extended family get what they need. 

    Jill was on the road most of the day today, as well, visiting stores to gather essentials for them.  

    We took our older son to work and back, then watched a movie, Employee of the Month before bed. It has some funny parts, but it’s a bit slow starting. It’s worth a watch if you can stream it free for sure. 

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