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    Work, Boredom, Bacon, PDF, Essentials, Halo

    By Derek | March 28, 2020

    A great Saturday. (28th)

    Regular work day for me. I was able to get a host evacuated and maintenanced. This one had a bad stick of RAM. Of course, we use ECC RAM in all of our servers, but still, I wanted to get it replaced ASAP. 

    A new level of boredom. My next door neighbor — wait, let me start at the beginning. 

    Jill was cooking up some bacon downstairs, she had it ready, and called me down to get some. 

    When I came down, though, it sounded like there was a lawn mower going right outside our front door. 

    I unlocked the door and stepped outside. Yep, it was my next door neighbor mowing our grass. I asked him what was up, and he said he was outside because his work was making him take a week off. He didn’t have anything to do, so he was going to cut all the lawns on the block to the same level and make it look really nice. 

    I said, carry on, and thanks! We just had our grass mowed a few days ago. 

    I was asked by a family member for some PDF editing software. I ended up recommended either LibreOffice Draw, as it can load and save PDFs without adding a Watermark, or Mac Preview (my family member already has a Mac). 

    The task was to take a PDF of scanned images, and break them down into smaller files (under 15MB each). 

    With Mac Preview, to remove pages from a PDF, you could…


    If you already have a Mac, this doesn’t cost you anything except a bit of time.

    I made a trip to the Essential Store. I mean, you can’t really call it a convenience store any more if it not under county lockdown, right?

    Literally my first time out of the house in four days. Well, except for the gardening stuff. 

    When I got home, I decided to play some Halo. I bought the Halo: Master Chief Collection on Steam yesterday, and got it installed. I decided to start at the beginning, which according to Microsoft, is Reach. So, I played through Halo: Reach tonight. I completed it. It took maybe 6-7 hours. Great story, it’s an origin story, which is why it’s a prequel. I won’t spoil it for you, and tell you who’s origin it is.

    Time for bed. 

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