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    Missed, Work, Duolingo, Movie

    By Derek | April 18, 2020

    A quiet Saturday. (18th)

    Realized that I didn’t write a journal entry on Friday (yesterday). I’ve been doing well at writing every day, but I missed yesterday. It was a regular work day for me. My GMRS radios came in, early, and I was able to get them set up. They were not scheduled to be delivered until May 5th.

    Today is also a regular work day for me. 

    Got some work done cleaning up some minor leftovers after our last migration. 

    After work, worked in my office a bit. 

    Kept up my DuoLingo streak. Naturally, I got this: (pic)

    El restaurante esta cerrado.
    Of course the restaurant is closed right now.

    Jill and I watched Coyote Ugly. I hadn’t seen it. 

    Time for bed. 

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