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    Work, Niece, Banana Bread, iOS apps

    By Derek | April 22, 2020

    A great Wednesday. (22nd)

    Regular work day for me. Learning how to re-kick hosts in my primary product’s infrastructure. Our engineering team changed the process and didn’t fully document it, so today I’ll be taught, and work up some great documentation. 

    Our niece came over, and brought her kids, they played on the XBox and Switch a bit while I worked. 

    Jill started making banana bread today, the bananas are ripe enough.

    Man, I will say that this whole house arrest thing has apparently been great for iOS developers. I don’t think a day goes by without me having at least 5-10 app updates, and many days are much more than that. Today, I have 32. Now, of course, I have ~425 apps installed. But still, that’s nearly 10% of my apps. 

    After our niece left, I took our older son to work today, and Jill stayed home to keep working on the banana bread. I had a little before I left, and also took a loaf with me to give to our BBQ joint owner friend. 

    After our older son got off work, we took him home, and then I got to exercise, then we went to bed. 

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