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    Skipped, Copier, Solar, Documentary, Movie, Pokemon

    By Derek | April 27, 2020

    A good Monday. (27th)

    Didn’t write up what I did yesterday. Slept in a bit. Took the family out to play Pokémon for a while. 

    Today, I got up early to get on a conference call for a customer of mine, they were getting a new copier today, and the engineers needed help getting the shared folders setup. 

    Jill and I participated in a conference call for the bankruptcy of the two co-owners of the solar company that installed our system. The company is defunct, but it still sounds like they are attempting to help certain customers. Some of their customers are much worse off than we are, at least our system is installed and working. Our only remaining issue is the monitoring never got hooked up. I sent an email off to the bankruptcy lawyer, as he requested, to see if there’s something that can be some with our monitoring. 

    Watched the Dream Big documentary about engineering on Netflix. 

    Ate lunch, then watched The Interview. It seemed timely.  

    Took our older son to work, then stayed in the car and drove around and played a little Pokémon. 

    Headed home, for a bit, then went back out to pick our older son up again. 

    Time for bed. 

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