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    Health, Taxes, BBQ, Drobo, Games

    By Derek | May 12, 2020

    A good Tuesday. (12th)

    Slept in a bit, but exercised first thing when I got up. 

    Worked on our taxes a bit again this morning, I think I have everything I needed to do complete. 

    Kept up my Duolingo streak! (pic) 

    Duolingo 35 day streak!

    Went to lunch at our favorite BBQ place. I was pretty hungry, so I had the frito pie. 

    Spent some time setting up my second Drobo. I’m plan to migrate my Archives folder off my primary Drobo to this lower capacity one. That will free up more room for my Plex collection on the primary Drobo, and also give me some data diversification. Got some rsync tasks going between the two for now.

    Took our older son to work, and played a little Pokemon while we were out. 
    After he finished, we took him home.

    When we got home, I decided to play a little Freespace 2. This is a game that I missed out on growing up. I played through the tutorial levels, then decided to see if there was a graphical upgrade for it. I was able to locate it, and started getting the upgrades and mods installed. I couldn’t get the YAL (launcher) to launch the game properly with the mods installed, or at least it didn’t look like it was working, so I set it up to download a different launcher, and went to play another game I missed when it came out, Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition

    Played through that for an hour or so before bed. 

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