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    By Derek | August 20, 2007

    iPhone In DockMan, I just gotta try this out then next time someone asks me if I have “such-and-such” song on my iPhone. Previously, I use a 30gb iPod, and every once in a while, I notice that 8gb really isn’t all that much music.

    I mean, it’s alot, but nowhere near 30gb. Plus, I keep more video podcasts on the iPhone than I ever stored on my iPod… thanks, big bright touchscreen!

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    One Response to “SeeqPod”

    1. Derek Says:
      August 26th, 2007 at 0:13

      I did end up using SeeqPod today, at dinner. 🙂

      We heard a song come on at the “restaurant” that we knew but couldn’t identify. I punched the song lyrics into Google, and it came up with Little River Band – Lady! So I brought that up in SeeqPod, and we verified that it was the song.

      It worked great!


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