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    Back From Traveling

    By Derek | August 26, 2007

    DerekBack from out of town. This should be my last major trip of the summer.

    I went to Beaumont again, and worked for Hardin-Jefferson ISD and East Chambers ISD while I was out there.

    I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express, and normally they are pretty good, but this one didn’t have working Internet the first night. The second night I was there, it worked for a while, and then stopped working.

    At Hardin-Jefferson I got the opportunity to setup two Windows 2003 Terminal Servers. Most of my clients don’t run TS, ’cause it’s too expensive, but it is a neat concept. The only thing that really sucks is that TS Licensing is so horribly difficult. My client already had two existing TS servers previously, but since he lost the AD controller that hosted TS Licensing, we had to call Microsoft to get permission to re-install it. The first two MS reps we talked to had no idea what we were trying to do, and the first one actually hung up on us. I guess he was confused. Can’t say I blame him, Microsoft’s licensing & constant changing of licensing confuses me too.

    They are also running a pilot program for their elementary school involving Macintosh laptops. The teachers who’ve gotten them so far really like them. It’s kinda cool how well the teachers can use them, considering that before they used Windows machines, and they haven’t received their training yet. They got to take the laptops home for the summer.

    I also worked for East Chambers ISD. I did a standard server checkup & cleanup for them. I did have to install Sequoia View on one of their servers to find out where all of their disk space had gone.

    Sequoia View is a cool program that graphically shows you what files take up the most space on your hard drive. Grand Perspective does the same thing for Mac OS X, it’s the one I use.

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