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    iPhone Update 1.0.2 = Good

    By Derek | August 29, 2007

    iPhone In DockI finally loaded the new firmware for my iPhone last night.

    Everything went fine, although of course, it wiped out all my “hacks”.

    The new graphical installer.app is really nice, and easy.

    You should check it out.

    So far, I’ve only loaded Installer, Launcher, Terminal and the new (but so far worthless) ApolloIM on it.

    I did create a new wallpaper, though. Check it out here.

    Here’s the GIMP source xcf for my wallpaper. GIMP can be obtained (Windows / Mac) here. Use my layered file to make your own blurred-backgrounded wallpaper, and then email it to me!

    Still having much fun with this thing.

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