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    By Derek | September 3, 2007

    DerekI’ve been playing around with MarcoPolo this evening, learning it so that I can put it to use. More about that in a minute.

    So far, I’ve set up some simple scripts, and some simple actions.

    When my laptop detects my “Home” Context, it sets my default printer to my LaserJet, Unmutes my system sound, and Starts Adium and sets it to Away with a custom away message. This happens whenever my laptop is in range of my wireless network.

    Additionally, when my USB hub gets plugged in, which connects my external keyboard and mouse, my laptop mounts all of my network volumes.

    Of course, when I disconnect the USB hub, it ejects my network volumes, and when I leave the range of my wireless it sets Adium to Offline, Mutes my system sound, etc.

    Here are my applescripts: https://dereksblahg.net/downloads/DereksApplescripts.zip Enjoy!

    What I hope to be able to do in the near future is have MarcoPolo check my location, and system time, and if I’m at home, plugged into Ethernet, and it’s 3am or 4am or whatever, perform a full data backup or rsync. Mostly just thinking out loud at this point, but that’s my target.

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