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    Whew! (WordPress Upgrade)

    By Derek | May 1, 2011

    Well, that was strange. Some of you may have noticed my blahg was down for a day or so.

    I tried to upgrade WordPress (to the latest 3.1.2) using the built-in function that I’ve used many, many times now and it did not work. Everything seemed to go correctly, all the way through, including the DB upgrade, but apparently, it borked at the last second.

    Fortunately, simply downloading, extracting, and the uploading the latest archive from WordPress did the trick. I wasn’t expecting it to work, but it absolutely did, retaining my settings, themes, plugins and everything.

    Wow. I must say, I’d rather not have it fail in the first place, but what a spectacular recovery!

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    One Response to “Whew! (WordPress Upgrade)”

    1. Derek Says:
      July 18th, 2011 at 1:02

      So, that’s three times now it’s failed to upgrade properly. I’m sure I just have a badly behaving plugin.


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