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    Comparing Epiphany and Midori on the Raspberry Pi

    By Derek | September 7, 2014

    I wanted to play around with the Raspberry Pi again, and what better opportunity than the release of a new browser choice? Since I’ve used the rPi, there’s really only been one good choice for a browser, and that’s Midori.

    I took the opportunity to run some benchmarks on both browsers, as I hadn’t seen any published elsewhere.




    BrowserMark 2.1 — using US Server

    BrowserMark 2.1, using US Server Benchmark Results

    I was very surprised that Midori wasn’t able to run this test at all.

    PeaceKeeper — 2014 Sept. 5th

    PeaceKeeper 2014 Sep 5th Benchmark Results

    In the PeaceKeeper test, Epiphany is nearly twice as fast.

    SunSpider — 1.0.2

    SunSpider 1.0.2 Benchmark Results

    You can download the SunSpider full results here.


    As you can see, the newly released Epiphany browser is much quicker at displaying and rendering content, as well as being a much more capable browser. In the PeaceKeeper tests, twice as fast, and in the SunSpider tests, easily three times faster.

    However, during my time actually using the browser, I can see that it’s got a long way to go. As an example, I first attempted to make notes of my test results using Evernote. The site was completely unusable, in Epiphany.

    I also didn’t include it in the graphs, but here are the results for my iPhone 5s, just for comparison:

    Tested while connected to WiFi, with all my normal stuff running. This comparison only benchmark is not meant to be scientific.

    This alone makes it clear that for modern sites, the Raspberry Pi still has a way to go, even if you are very patient.

    The good news is that the Raspberry Pi is still great for lots of things, just that browsing the modern web isn’t really one of them.

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