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    YouTube on AppleTV2

    By Derek | March 14, 2016

    tl;dr: To get YouTube working on your AppleTV2, Install Plex Media Server, then PlexConnect (or OpenPlex if you have a Mac), then the updated YouTube channel. Continue reading for more detailed instructions.

    After Google & Apple disabled the YouTube app on my AppleTV2, I’ve just been sending YouTube videos over Airplay to it. My dad, however, was very upset that YouTube — well, a feature that was a major selling point of something he bought, stopped working. I definitely see his point.

    Fortunately, there is a fix.

    First, install and configure Plex Media Server, if you don’t have it working already. There are multiple great guides for installing Plex, so I’ll leave you to it. Turns out, you don’t really need any media files to install Plex, if all you want to do is regain YouTube on your AppleTV2. I already have and love Plex, so this was the easiest part for me. Plex.tv has a pretty good install guide, if you need the help.

    Once you get Plex installed, you’ll want to sign up for a Plex Account. I’m fairly certain you don’t need a Plex Pass (paid subscription) to make this work, although I have one, so I’m not sure. Although, at only $40/year, it’s a pretty good deal.

    Second, install and configure PlexConnect (or OpenPlex if you have a Mac). PlexConnect allows you to “take over” one of the built-in AppleTV apps, and redirect it to your Plex server. The instructions are fairly straightforward, of you have any CLI experience. I installed PlexConnect a month or so ago, to easily stream my Plex media to my AppleTV. However…

    OpenPlex aims to make it all easier, if you have a Mac, which I do.

    Third, install the updated YouTube channel, manually. Essentially, this channel supports YouTube’s new API3, instead of the deprecated version that AppleTV2 (and many other devices) were using before Google discontinued it. Once you get it installed and configured correctly, you’ll be able to watch YouTube videos on your older AppleTV2. Most of installing the plug-in is downloading the file, and copying it to the correct plug-ins directory for your Plex. Here’s an article that describes how to locate your plug-ins directory, it’s different depending on which OS you have Plex installed on.

    Congratulations, you can now watch YouTube on your AppleTV2.

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