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    Admitted to the E.R.

    By Derek | August 16, 2019

    Yesterday wasn’t a great day. I ended up with weakness in my left leg, and a fever late last night. Jill called my surgeon and he suggested I get into The ER. So we did. Spent most of the night in the ER, was admitted to the hospital again early this morning and got assigned to a room around 4am. 

    They put me on antibiotics and let me go to sleep. Once I woke up they worked on scheduling an MRI for me. Of course, the MRI machine here at the hospital is too small for my shoulders, so they had to get an ambulance to transport me downtown to a larger machine. That was successful, and the doc got to look at the images. 

    The MRI showed that I have some blood in and around the the surgery area. They don’t think it’s causing any real problems, but the doctor is ordering me a brace and antibiotics and they are sending me home. 

    Instead of doc seeing me for follow up in two weeks, he wants to see me next week. 

    He asked Jill to watch me closely and call doc if his temperature goes over 101.4. 

    Feeling much better today than yesterday. 

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