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    Work, SYNCH

    By Derek | September 7, 2019

    An ok Saturday. (7th)

    Worked today. I’m still on my Wed-Sat schedule. Had some issues with a machine I was working on… something that should have taken about 3 hours ended up taking almost my whole shift, and I work a 10 hour shift. It’s a good thing nothing else critical popped up. Got it done, though.

    Watched some Synchronizerz fool around on the newly released star ship in the game Star Citizen. That’s the organization (think clan or guild from other MMOs) I belong to in game and we were celebrating reaching 1,700 members. Pretty amazing. The new ship is very cool, as well. By the time I was done working, the event was over, but apparently subscribers get access to the newly released ships for the first week they are available, so I was able to log into the game and play around with one for a couple of hours before bed. 

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