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    TV, Goats, DCU

    By Derek | September 8, 2019

    A good Sunday. (8th)

    Our family friend helped us get the guest room TV mounted on the wall. We bought it from my parents when they moved to AZ last year, but hadn’t hung it up yet. Now it’s done. Then he packed up and headed out. He’ll be back sometime next year, we think. 

    Our niece, who’s selling her house, came to stay with is for a bit. Her kids and dog are all here, it’s been noisy but fun. Got to hang out with the kids and play Goat Simulator for a while. Hilarious. 

    We got a new dryer today, but we’re not ready to install it just yet. We think it has a side port, or is convertible, so that we can finally push the dryer back against the wall like it’s supposed to be. 

    Started a DC Universe character on Switch this evening, just to check it out. Seems ok, but I really can’t wait to get back to playing Star Citizen regularly. 

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