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    Car, Office, Rockband

    By Derek | September 23, 2019

    A good Monday. (23rd) 

    Started my car for the first time in about 2 ½ months. Cranked for a sec, but caught and started pretty quick. Set a 15 minute timer and let it run to charge up the battery. 

    Started working on cleaning my office. It’s a disaster, gonna work to make it less so. I need to get the closet organized, so I can put other stuff in the closet. 

    Played RockBand (3) with the kids today. You want a challenge, teach four kids ages 4 through 11 how to “strum” a RockBand guitar, use the Mic, play the drums and choose from ~400 songs (almost none of which they know) ALL AT THE SAME TIME. /whew. 

    It was loads of fun once it got going though, played for hours, until everyone except me got bored. Then I played some more, until my hand started cramping up from the guitar “frets”. It’s probably been five years since I’ve played RockBand. 

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