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    Avenger, Busy Tuesday

    By Derek | September 24, 2019

    A good Tuesday. (24th)

    I’m still not driving yet. My 6 week follow-up doctor appt. is tomorrow, I’m hoping to get good news. They’ll be taking X-rays to ensure the two fused bones are setting correctly. I hope so. 

    I’ve created a “Ship Showdown” entry, for the game Star Citizen. The person who wins the contest will win in-game prizes, and adoration from all. If you have an account, please give it an upvote or three: My-Avenger-Titan-The-FSS-Valentina ( written from my character’s perspective). If not, just enjoy my screenshots!

    It’s our normal busy Tuesday. Lunch, robotics, martial arts, and another RackerGamers board meeting (we don’t do this every week, though).

    Before robotics, I worked with one of our robotics kids & parents to teach them basic Linux CLI navigation and software installation. I wrote a Google presentation on it, if you’re interested, ping me, and I’ll share it with you. 

    After robotics, I welcomed the RackerGamers board for our semi-regular meeting. We’re having meetings a bit closer together right now, since we’re planning for Game Day. We also worked on the new website, and got it completely up and running ( http://rackergamers.org/ ). There’s still a bunch of previous news (blog) articles that need re-added, since we weren’t able to export the articles from the old site. 

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