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    Health, Chama Gaucha, Games

    By Derek | September 25, 2019

    A great Wednesday! (25th) 

    Had my six-week follow up with my surgeon. They did X-ray my back and my surgeon said I’m clear to return to life, mostly. No swimming until the back skin is fully healed, but for mostly everything else I’m clear! 

    Things I’ve been prohibited from doing over the last six weeks:

    Things I still can’t do, They don’t cause pain, just tiredness & I gotta work up to them: 

    So, the real good news is that I can get back on my exercise routine, on my recumbent bike. I can drive, etc. 

    So… after I got home from my dr appt. I drove to work, of course! I mean, it’s not far, but it was nice nonetheless. 

    Got there just in time to go with my team to our quarterly outing, which was Chama Gaucha lunch. I think we do this outing at least once a year, cause everyone loves it. Had some great conversation there, movies, video games, not much politics, no shop talk. Good times! 

    After we got back to work, our boss cut us loose early, to go home. I went by Discount Tire to get my tire pressure checked since I hadn’t driven my car in about 2 ½ months. 

    Once I got home, I worked on my computers a bit, then helped our niece get her iMac set up so her kiddos could do some homework, including printing to our network printer. 

    Played a bit of Borderlands 2. After I laid down for bed, I played a bit of the new Mario Kart Tour on my phone. It’s neat.

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