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    Work, Deadmau5, Synchronizerz

    By Derek | October 5, 2019

    A good Saturday. (5th)

    Regular workday for me. Worked on my primary project.

    Watched some more Luke Cage season 1. Enjoying it. 

    Deadmau5 dropped his “last” LP, “here’s the drop!” today. Listening to it now. It’s pretty mellow, but I don’t think it’s very dance-able. I might have to listen to it a couple more times and see if it hooks me. 

    Watched today’s Synchronizerz stream with Sitarow. Star Citizen just released alpha 3.7 to PTU, and it has a bunch of new features, including caves to explore. The video is over 3 ½ hours, but if you start using the time index on this link ( https://youtu.be/JJVDKYWqt1M?t=5334 ) you get right into the exploration. 

    Of course, after watching that, I had to play some Star Citizen before bed. I made a few videos, and turned them into a playlist.

    It’s about 30 minutes, if you want to watch the whole thing, if not, I’ve listed the individual videos here, as well. 

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