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    Tummy, Friends, Spider-Man, Pork Ribs

    By Derek | October 6, 2019

    A great Sunday, overall. (6th)

    Got to see my older son briefly today. He was cordial. 

    Our main plan for the day was to go spend time hanging out with some great friends in Boerne. 

    When we were about 10 minutes away, though, my lower left abdomen started hurting. I felt kind of like I had a gas bubble.  It wasn’t a sharp pain, more uncomfortable than real pain, so we just hung out at their house for a bit.

    After a couple of hours there with this pain, I decided to lay down on our friends couch. That ended up with me racing to their bathroom to discharge the contents of my stomach. 

    I really hoped I’d feel better after that, but it persisted, so Jill and I decided to go to urgent care. On the way there, I had to get Jill to pull over, apparently there were still stomach contents remaining. 

    Waited in their waiting room for almost an hour, during which time the pain finally slowly went away on its own. It had hurt for about three hours total. 

    Once we got to see the PA (no doctor of course), he told us that gut issues are very difficult to diagnose, but since the pain was already gone, I should “rest my stomach” for a few days (eat light) and drink lots of fluids. That’ll be $50, in advance, thanks. 

    Got back to our friends house feeling much better, though! 

    Watched the new Spider-Man movie ( https://reelgood.com/movie/spider-man-far-from-home-2019 ) with our friends and had some great pork ribs, charro style beans, and Mac & Cheese. That’s a light dinner, right? 

    Once the movie was over we just sat around and caught up, it had been a while since we’d been able to get together. We stayed as late as we could but still left around 11p, which got us home a bit before midnight. 

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