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    Abdomen, again.

    By Derek | October 8, 2019

    Tuesday. (8th)

    Had the pain in my abdomen again shortly after I woke up. It seemed not as bad this time, but it still hung around for a couple of hours.

    Didn’t go to lunch with the family today, cause I didn’t feel good. After the pain dissipated I took a shower and went back upstairs to watch some Luke Cage season 1. 

    Scheduled a doctor’s appointment to see about my abdomen pain. Today is the third day out of four that it’s happened. 

    Stayed upstairs during the first part of Robotics, but I finally had to come down just to get something to eat, as I hadn’t eaten anything all day. 

    Went to drop my younger son off at martial arts. Played a little Pokemon (Raid Hour) while we were out.

    Came back and did my exercises for the day, then played some Star Citizen before bed. Made a couple of highlight videos:

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