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    Medical, Work, TV

    By Derek | October 9, 2019

    Medical Wednesday. (9th)

    Started off today with a doctor’s appointment, at my primary care doctor, to look into my abdominal pain, after all, it happened 3 times in 4 days. Doctor (PA) wanted to schedule me for an ultrasound. So, I got that scheduled for the afternoon. 

    Second, went to physical therapy, this week it’s on Monday & Wednesday. I have homework, and my legs are tired from the exercise. 

    Third, off to STRIC for my ultrasound. That went well, and quickly, not too bad. They’ll send the results to my doctor. 

    Finally, got home so that I could work. Yes, today is a regular work day for me. Working my primary project. 

    Finished Luke Cage, season 1. Updated my MCU Timeline post.

    Started Agents of Shield, season 4. It gets… supernatural, fast. 

    Then I remembered that I hadn’t finished (or started) Agent Carter, season 2. I’ll have to do that tomorrow. 

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