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    Abdomen, ER edition

    By Derek | October 10, 2019

    Thursday. (10th)

    Regular workday.

    Volunteered at the RackerGamers t-shirt and loot table during lunch.

    Got some work done on my primary project. 
    Went home early due to abdominal pain. The doc prescribed my medicine for the pain, but it was at home. So, I went home and took one. Didn’t seem to do much. 

    Finished my shift from home, but Spent most of the evening in pain. Around 11:30pm, we decided to go to the ER. 

    When we got there, Jill dropped me off, and before I could get checked in, and before she got back from parking the car, I lost my dinner. Which is surprising, cause I hadn’t felt well enough to eat any. So, I suppose it was my lunch. 

    Well, they confiscated some fluids, and ran me through a CAT scan. They confirmed I have a 4mm kidney stone. 

    Got out of ER around 3am. They’ve sent me home with some prescriptions to a) lower the pain, b) fight nausea, c) make my flow faster (to push out the stone faster), d) muscle relaxer.

    I’m exhausted, and we still have to drop off the scrips. 

    Note: even though this post was finished after 3am, On the 11th, I have it posted at 11:55pm, to keep the correct date on it.

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