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    Core, Walking, Groceries, Pokemon

    By Derek | November 9, 2019

    A good Saturday (9th).

    Took the day off work to go to a CORE4STEM event at Palo Alto college this morning. 
    Did a ton of walking at the college. It wasn’t so much a hands-on tech conference as it was more like just a career day. 

    Once we got home, I was exhausted, but I needed to do my exercise, so I did. Then I was really tired, so I took a quick nap before we went to CostCo. 

    Got back from CostCo, unloaded the groceries and then went to Whole Foods. Played Pokémon along the way to and from both stores. 

    I ended up with around 6,900 walking steps today, total. 

    Got to hang out with our traveling friend, his girlfriend and another friend. They were at the house when we got back. 

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