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    Exercise, Digital Penguins, Work, Friends

    By Derek | November 8, 2019

    A good Friday. (8th)

    Got up and exercised this morning. 

    Got an email from Apple Music that one of the tracks off my album was “Shazamed”. Kind of cool, first time for that.

    Regular workday for me, except that I’ve invited some work friends over to hang out. Only one of my work friends showed up, but Jill and I hung out with her until lunchtime. 

    Ate lunch at Smokin Joes. Jill and I both got a chopped BBQ sandwich, as did my work friend. 

    Came back home and worked some more. Also discussed and help solve a Python issue she was having with some code she was writing.

    After work, went out and played a little Pok√©mon with Jill. 

    Came back and hung out with our traveler friend, and another friend until bedtime. 

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