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    PT, Shopping, Hot Cocoa, Movies

    By Derek | November 11, 2019

    A good Monday. (11th) 

    Got up just a bit late this morning. Had to call and reschedule my physical therapy. Luckily they had an appointment for just ½ hour later, so I took it. Made it on time just fine. They have me a couple of new exercise bands to take home, so. I can do some of the exercises on my own. 

    After I got back, we went and ran a few errands. Swung by Rackspace to learn about the Rackspace Exercise Center. Apparently they don’t allow souses, it’s strictly Rackers only. That’s dumb. 

    We also went to H-E-B in Schertz to get supplies for this years Enchilada dinner. This will be our 11th year serving at Rackspace for my team. This year, we’re doing it a bit differently. This year, for the first time, Rackspace is doing a Castle-wide Thanksgiving Potluck, so we’ve joined in with them, we’ll be serving this Thursday. So, buying stuff today, cooking Wednesday, serving Thursday. 

    Ate a good dinner of breakfast. 

    We decided due to the cold front that we would go out and hand out some thermal blankets and “hot hands” that we buy and leave in the car for just such occasions. We were able to locate several potentially homeless individuals who looked like they could benefit from them. 

    While we were out, we decided that we wanted to come home and have some hot chocolate. 

    Remembered we didn’t have any more hot cocoa, a quick trip to our local H-E-B remedied that. Then we had to swing by Specs and get some Baileys Irish Cream for the hot cocoa. Now we’re in for the night. 

    Watched a couple of late night movies. A mini Patrick Swayze marathon, even. 

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