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    Cooking, Work, Shopping, Friends

    By Derek | November 13, 2019

    A good Wednesday. (13th)

    Yesterday: Once in a great while, when it’s very cold, Joe (Smokin Joe’s) will fire up the grill and make some of the best hamburgers. Robotics. Martial Arts. Then we went and bought the final ingredients for cooking the enchilada dinner. Sorry for no update. 

    Today: Regular work day for me. Now that Rackspace is in what we call “moratorium” — where we don’t make any non-emergency changes to our customer’s environments — I will be scheduling and performing maintenance on all the hosts I’ve been working on for my primary project. I had two host maintenances scheduled today. 

    Jill started cooking at 10am for our enchilada lunch tomorrow. She cooks for 10-12 hours once a year to make this lunch for my coworkers. She’s amazing! 

    We discovered that we need some more spices, so I had to make a quick trip to CostCo for more spices. And another quick trip to H-E-B for more jalapeños. And another quick trip to H-E-B for more beans. 

    Had some friends over, and had some of the enchiladas for dinner, they were great. Talked & hung out for a bit before bed. 

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