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    Enchiladas, Work, Martial Arts

    By Derek | November 14, 2019

    A good Thursday. (14th)

    Stayed up too late last night. Got up early to get the enchiladas to Rackspace to set up. While the enchilada chili is cooked, the cheese is simply rolled into the enchiladas, and then cooks on-site. So, we set up serving pans and canned fuel (like Sterno) to heat up the food. 

    The enchiladas went fast. We had 10 pans and were completely out within the first hour. 

    Packed everything up and headed home. 

    Got home and logged onto work, today is a regular work day for me. Worked on improving some submitted documentation for my secondary project. 

    Had to leave to get the younger son to martial arts. After being on her feet for 12+ hours cooking yesterday, and then not sleeping well, Jill was in no shape to drive anywhere today. 

    Got some cool solar car parts in the mail. 

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