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    Lost Ember, PT, Errands, Laptop

    By Derek | November 25, 2019

    A good Monday. (25th)

    Woke up to still waiting on my Lost Ember video to process on YouTube. ? 

    Physical therapy first thing this morning.

    Ran around and did a bunch of errands after that. Checked out a panaderia (Mexican Bakery) down the street, bought a few pastries and a Mexican Coke for myself and Jill. 

    Played Lost Ember yesterday. Finished the storyline, although I haven’t gone back through and tried to find all the collectables. I really, really enjoyed it. My play through video finally exported to YouTube properly (5h21m).

    Worked on a customer’s new laptop, remotely. Got it all set up. 

    Time for bed. 

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