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    BBQ, Robotics, Martial Arts, GOG

    By Derek | November 26, 2019

    A good Tuesday. (26th)

    Exercise first thing.

    Lunch. BBQ Frito Pie. 

    One of our Robotics family’s kids got sick this morning, so they didn’t come, and another of our families are on vacation, so we had a very small turnout today. Still, got some work done on the Middle School robot. The drive unit is coming along. 

    Martial arts for they younger son tonight. While I waited for that, I worked on re-starring my music collection. My favorite playlist is my 4 and 5 star songs with the least play count. Turns out, I have a ton of good music in my library that have 0 stars, so I’m going through and picking out a bunch of songs at a time and setting them arbitrary to 4 stars. That will put them on my list temporarily, and allow me to listen to them, so that I can filter through each one and set it where it needs to be — either  3 stars if I want to hear it only when I listed to the artist or album, or 2 stars if I want to rarely listen to it. 

    Worked on a couple different customer’s systems tonight, for remote monitoring, just doing some routine check-ups and validation. Discovered that we need to be setting Windows Update’s Active Hours setting, to ensure that the system doesn’t restart on our customers when the system should be in use. 

    Installed GOG Galaxy 2 Beta on my gaming PC. It integrates all the PC-based launchers and shows you your games and friends across multiple platforms. Right now, it’s closed beta (invite only) but it seems to work well, so hopefully they’ll open it up soon to everyone. It’s very cool to see all my games (Epic / GOG / Origin / Steam / UPlay / Xbox) from one menu, and launch them from one place, well, at least for the PC versions of the games, not for the console versions. 

    Time for bed. 

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