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    Work, Hyperdrive, Friends, Switch

    By Derek | December 7, 2019

    A good Saturday. (7th).

    Jill and our younger son left early today for a craft show in Wimberly.

    Regular work day for me. 

    Watched Hyperdrive Season 1. It’s a reality show about trick drivers and strong cars. I’m not usually one for reality shows, but… I mean, cars, right?

    Jill got home late from the craft show due to some major traffic. She did pretty well at the show, but she was exhausted when she got home. 

    Had a friend and his son over to hang out for a bit. Had pizza for dinner.

    After they left I played on the Switch a bit, catching up on the news, newly released games, etc. played a bit of Super Kirby Clash

    Time for bed. 

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