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    Pokémon, Cars, XBox, MIB

    By Derek | December 15, 2019

    A good Sunday. (15th)

    Slept in. Still kinda wiped from the Robotics competition yesterday. 

    Went and played Pokémon Go a bit today. They are having a community day rewind, where Pokémon from this year’s community days are more common in the wild. 

    Met Jill’s sister while we were out playing, and caught a bunch of Pokémon.

    Ran a few errands, including swinging by the library. I didn’t have anything on hold this week, so I was just dropping off stuff. 

    Forgot to mention, but I saw a car carrier tipped over at the large curve going from 35N to 410W.

    I needed to pick up some gifts for a gift exchange at work this week, so we swung by a new store Five Below to check it out. It’s like a dollar store, where most everything is $5, instead of $1. I’m supposed to bring three gifts, one wrapped, and two unwrapped that are no more than $5 each. 

    A guy I know from a Tech Discord was offering an XBox code to anyone who wanted it for their kid. No one else had spoke up in the channel, so I grabbed it. I figured it was a code for a game, or something. Nope. $100 gift card. Early Merry Christmas to my younger son. We still have to decide what he’s going to buy with it. 

    Watched MIB3 with the family before bed. 

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