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    Robotics, XBox, Star Citizen, MIB

    By Derek | December 14, 2019

    A great Saturday. (14th)

    We had a Robotics competition today. Got up early to drive to St Hedwig this morning, to a location for the competition. It started at 8am, and pretty much went through 4pm.

    We had a bunch of fun, but didn’t win any trophies. A couple of the boys came back to the house to play XBox with our younger son afterwards. 

    Got to play some Star Citizen, hang out with my org, fly my new ship, and visit the new planet that just dropped in the latest patch (alpha 3.8).

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    Watched a movie before bed. Re-watched MIB, since our younger son hadn’t seen the first one. We watched the second one with him the other day, without realizing he hadn’t seen the first one. 

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