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    iMac, Pokemon, Movies

    By Derek | December 26, 2019

    A good Thursday. (26th)

    Slept in a bit. 

    Upgraded our 2009 iMac to SSD. I bought a kit from OWC (MacSales), with suction cups for removing the glass and a 500G SSD. It also came with a thermal sensor cable to replace the one that’s built into the original HDD, which, by the way failed a few weeks ago; right at 10 years old — not too shabby for a spinny hard drive! 

    Opening up one of those iMacs is actually pretty easy. While I was inside it, I also replaced the optical drive, which went out a year or so ago. With our old educational software (this is the classroom iMac) the optical drive got almost constant use. I figured since I had to open it to replace the hard drive, might as well replace the optical while I had it open. 

    Got all that buttoned back up, then started the OS load on it, it only goes up to High Sierra (10.13). 

    Went to play some Pokémon Go and run a few errands. 

    Came home and competed the OS load, and security updates (for a 3 year old OS at this point). 

    Watched a couple movies before bed, one with the family; Hotel for Dogs and one with Jill; Cowboy Way (which I hadn’t seen!)

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