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    Exercise, Pokemon, Faucet, Movies, Award

    By Derek | December 27, 2019

    A good Friday. (27th)

    Exercised first thing.

    As I was off today, I got to attend Friday Pokemon Go Trade Days at our local BBQ joint. 

    After lunch, we ran some errands, and played a little bit of Pokémon Go while we were out. 

    Finally was able to buy the replacement faucet for the back yard — a “hose bibb”. Of course, I got the right size, but the wrong gender the first time. I bought the male threaded one, and needed the female threaded one. Le sigh. After a quick second trip to Lowe’s, I got the correct part and was able to install it just as it was getting dark. 

    This evening, Jill and I watched a couple of movies; Arrival: a Sci-Fi alien linguistics movie that’s sort of about time travel. It’s weird, but very good, and Bad Moms Christmas: a raunchy, funny, but touching story about dysfunctional mother-daughter relationships. 

    Also wanted to mention that I earned the December Challenge Award on my Apple Watch!

    2019 december apple watch challenge award

    Time for bed. 

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