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    Slept, Synch, Pokemon, Movie

    By Derek | December 28, 2019

    A good Saturday. (28th) 

    Slept in a bit this morning. Last night after we went to bed it was a bit chaotic with the dogs, and we actually didn’t get to fall asleep until after 3am. 

    Prepared for an org event today, for Synchronizerz https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/SYNCH. CIG released a new ship, the Argo Mole, a multicrew asteroid mining ship. We had a great time, and learned a bit of the new gameplay. Jill left with her sister to play some Pokémon while I was doing the event. Synch has an event just about every Saturday, but most Saturdays I work, so I try to take advantage of them when I can. 

    Once I was got done with the event, had some dinner and headed out to play some Pokémon with Jill, her sister and our younger son.

    Exercised late tonight. 

    Watched a movie with Jill; Why Him? Starring James Franco and Bryan Cranston. Pretty hilarious, but definitely not a kids movie. 

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